List of all Preconstruction Condos and Preconstruction Town homes in Toronto

//List of all Preconstruction Condos and Preconstruction Town homes in Toronto

List of all Preconstruction Condos and Preconstruction Town homes in Toronto


1 delisle ave apartments
1 eglinton ave e condos
1 eglinton square
1 garnier court townhomes
10 concorde place apartments
10 wellesley street condos
100 davenport
100 edward street
100 wellesley street east
1001 broadview residences
101 spadina
1049 the queensway condos
1050 sheppard avenue west apartments
11 yorkville
110 broadway avenue condos
114 church street condos
1151 queen street east condos
1181 queen west condos
1197 the queensway condos
120 grangeway ave condos
121 East Oakville
1200 dundas street west
12-24 leith hill road apartments
1255 birchmount road townhomes
127 finch street east townhomes
1315 finch avenue west condos
1316 kingston road
135 fenelon drive
135 portland street condos
1350 ellesmere apartments
1380 midland avenue condos
139 church street condos
14 duncan st condos
141 davisville avenue apartments
1421 yonge street condos
145 sheppard avenue east condos
1467 bathurst street apartments
149 bathurst street condos
15 holmes avenue condos
15 martha eaton way apartments
150 bronoco avenue
150 pearl st condos
1553 bloor street west condos
1563 bathurst st condo
159sw condominiums
1637 bathurst street apartments
165 tapscott road
1695 weston road condos
170 merton street townhomes
170 spadina
1700 avenue road condos
18 erskine avenue
180 sheppard avenue east condos
181 sheppard avenue east
183 avenue road condos
187 king street east condos
19 duncan apartments
191 parliament street live work condos
1978 lake shore condos
2 carlton street condos
2 tecumseth street condos
200 chalkfarm drive apartments
200 russell hill
203 jarvis st
206 russell hill townhomes
21 clearcrest avenue townhomes
2100 yonge street condos
2115 bloor street west condos
2128 yonge street condos
2175 keele street condos and towns
2180 lawrence avenue east condos
22 balliol
227 gerrard street east condos
23 glen watford drive condos
2370 finch avenue west condos
24 mercer street condos
2440 yonge street condos
245 sheppard ave w
2450 victoria park avenue
2452 bloor street west condos
25 thunder grove
250 dundas street west apartments
250 front street east condos
250 lawrence ave west
250 university avenue condos
2500 yonge street condos
253 markham rd
254 king st e condos
260 high park
2600 don mills road apartments
263 adelaide
263 logan avenue townhomes
2639 dundas street west condos
265 balliol apartment
2706 bayview ave towns
276 merton street condos
2787 eglinton avenue east townhomes
28 river street condos
280 jarvis street condos
2839 jane street condos
286 main street condos
290 old weston road
2908 yonge street condos
292 dundas street west condos
295 jarvis street condos
299 campbell avenue apartments
299 glenlake avenue apartments
2992 sheppard avenue east condos
30 merton street
30 tippett road
300 bloor street west condos
300 danforth road condos
3000 dufferin street
301 queen street east
307 sherbourne street
309 cherry street condos
31 gladstone avenue condos
31 parliament street condos
314 davenport condos
3140 dufferin street condos
321 davenport condos
3268 finch ave condo
33 avenue road condos
33 parliament street condos
3311 bathurst street townhomes
333 college street condos
3359 the danforth
3385 dundas street west
34 king street
34 parliament st condos
3429 bloor st w retirement residences
3450 dufferin street
3453 victoria park avenue townhomes
346 davenport
346 eglinton avenue west condos
35 holmes avenue condos
350 vaughan road
3621 dufferin street condos
368 briar hill townhomes
37 wilket road
39 newcastle street condos
4 the kingsway
400 front street condos
4005 hickory drive
401 king street condos
409 yonge street apartments
41 chatsworth drive condos
41 roehampton avenue condos
4125 dundas street west
4155 yonge street condos
4206 kingston road
423 old weston road
4342 lawrence avenue east
430 ESSA Condos
440 dufferin street apartments
45 la rose ave apartments
45 strachan apartments
469 spadina
470 wilson condos
475 yonge street condos
4800 yonge street
489 wellington street west
4hundred east mall stacked town homes
50 eglinton avenue west condos
500 dupont street
502 adelaide street west
50-52 neptune drive condos
507-511 kingston road
524 dupont street condos
529 marlee avenue condos
5300 yonge st condos
5306 yonge street condos
540 king street west condos
5400 yonge street condos
543 richmond condos
55 charles street condos
55 erskine ave apartments
5509 dundas street west apartments
561 sherbourne
57 brock condos
57 spadina
572 church street
5800 yonge street condos
5959 yonge st condos
599 kennedy rd condos
6 lloyd avenue
6 noble street
60 mill st condos
60 queen street east condos
6020 bathurst street apartments
6040 bathurst st
609 avenue road condos
609 sherbourne st
6175 kingston road
625 yonge street
64 bathurst street apartments
64 prince arthur avenue condos
6405 kingston road towns
66 broadway avenue
660 leaside condos
663-665 king st west
670 progress avenue condos
675 progress ave condos
689 the queensway towns
7 on the park condos
700 bay
72 perth avenue apartments
7350 markham road townhomes
7437 kingston road townhomes
75 broadway ave apartments
75curlew urban towns
77 river st condos
771 yonge st condos
8 cumberland
8 degrassi st apartments
8 elm street
8 gloucester apartments
80 dale avenue apartments
808 mount pleasant road condos
8-20 widmer street
83 river st condos
831 glencairn avenue condos
859 eglinton avenue west
859 west condos
87 ethel ave condos
875 queen east
877 college street
878 yonge street
88 queen
88 scott
88 west condos
880 the queensway condos
89 church street
89 roehampton apartments
90 eglinton avenue east condos
90 eglinton avenue west condos
908 st clair avenue
914 eastern ave
950 king street west condos
971 warden avenue
980 lansdowne ave
agincourt mall redevelopment
alto parkside at atria
arch lofts
artists alley
artists alley phase 2
at the rouge
auberge 2 on the park
ava luxury residence
avenue park condos
avenue 151 yorkville
avenue on 7 condos
Baker Hill Towns
bartley towns
bathurst heights
bauhaus condos
bayview on the park townhomes
bayview village condos
bayview village meadows
beach house semis
belle vie
birchcliff urban towns
b-line condos
Block 55 Townhomes
bloor dufferin condos
bloor and dovercourt
bloor and royal york
bloor promenade
bogert condos
boutik condos
bridle path townhomes
brimley progress
cabin toronto
caledonia crossing
camden house
canary commons
central condos
central park
CG Tower Condos
charlotte adelaide tower
chelsea green condos
chelsea on the green
church wellesley
clanton park towns
clonmore townhomes
concord canada house
corktown condos
danforth square
daniels firsthome markham sheppard
distrikt forest hill
distrikt forest hill village
distrikt islington village
dor condos
downsview park towns
drizzy manor
dueast boutique condominiums
dundas bloor
e2 condos
east 3220 condos
east 55 condos
east junction condos
eau du soleil
ecentral at eplace
eight forty
elevate towns
Elevate at Logan
eleven altamont
Eleven 11 Clarkson
ellie condos
empire maverick condos
empire midtown
empire phoenix condos
empress park
evergreen towns
exbury towns
express condos
fifty scollard condos
Fifth Avenue Homes
fleur condos
forest district
fortune at fort york
galleria mall condos
george condos towns
glen agar
glen hill condos
glencairn condos
Gore Park Lofts
gorman park condos
grand park village
greenwich village towns
grenadier square
guildwood condominiums
harris square condos
heartwood the beach
high park village
highland creek phase 2
highlight condos
highway 7 jane condominiums
hillcrest on the park
home power adelaide
hounslow station
humberwood heights
inde condos
iq condos phase iii
ivy hall estates
jade waterfront condos
junction house
kenneth holmes urban townhomes
kenton park crown residences
Keystones Condo
king charlotte condos
king toronto condos
kings club
Kings Landing
kingsway village square
lake town
lake shore village
lakeside residences
leaside manor
leslie mews singles and semis
leslie mews townhomes
liberty market tower
lillian park
linbury hill
litho apartments
lnx condos
lotus park
lumina at emerald city
luxury masterpiece custom home designed by lorne rose
lytton living townhomes
m2m condos
maisons deville
market district urban towns
marshall homes altona towns
max condos
me2 condos
merge condos
metropolitan towns
midtowns on the subway
milan condominiums
minto westside
minto yorkville park
mirabella luxury condos – east tower
mirvish village
mirvishgehry toronto
Monaco Condos
monde condos
moore park place
mount dennis town homes
murals condominiums
North Oakville
nord towns at expo city
nord west condos at expo city
Nutowns Seaton
oak heights apartments
oakdale village in north york
oakwood park
oben flats castlefield design district
oben flats st clair west
old kennedy rd towns
one bloor
one forest hill
One28 King Street Condos
one o one apartments
orca project toronto
origins of don mills
panda condos
park place on patricia
park terraces at valhalla town square
parkside square tower 1
parkside square tower 2
parkside square tower 3
parliament square
pearl place condos
peter richmond condos
piano towns
pier 27 condos
pinnacle toronto east
pivot apartments
playground condos at garrison point
post lofts leslieville
prime condos
primo tower
queen sherbourne
queen and parliament
queensway park condos
rent midtown
residenze palazzo at treviso 3
revel condos
richview square redevelopment
river fifth condos
riverside residences
ro towns
rodeo drive condos
rosehill tower
ruby condo
rush condos
saturday in downsview park
scout condos
scrivener court
seasons condominiums
sheppard and faywood condos
southport square
southside condos
spirits condominiums
spring farm condos
sq2 at alexandra park
st clair village
stockyards district residences
strada apartments
studio 2
Smart Townes 3
sugar wharf condos
supersonic condos
sweetlife condos
ten york
terraces at eglinton
the 23
the 2800 condos
the addington condo
the altamont
the belmont residences
the bluffs
the bread company condos
the brownstones at westown
the brownstones on lawrence
the chaplin
the charles at church
the clover on yonge
the dale
the davies
the diamond condominiums on yonge
the eglinton condos
the enclave at boxgrove
The Founders Residences
the foxbar at imperial village
the garden district condos
the grand residences at remington centre
the harlowe
the highland condominiums
the hill condos
the humber
the jack condo
the keeley condos
The Kingsway TW93
the kip district phase 2
the lanes condos
the livmore
the lofthouse condominiums
the logan residences
the manderley condos
the manors of claireville
the massey tower
the millwood condos
the mimico
the montgomery
the new lawrence heights
the one
the ossington luxury rental townhomes
the perry condos
the poet condos
the prestige condos at pinnacle one yonge
the queensview at backyard condos
The Randall Residences
the reserve at east mineola
the residences of 33 yorkville
the rose club
the selby
the somerside collection
the st regis residences
the stockton condos
the sumach
the sutton collection
the vic towns
the vince
the waverley
the well
the westmount boutique residences
the winslow condos
the woodsworth condos
the wyatt
theatre district tower
towns at rouge valley
tricycle condominiums
trinity ravine towers
twenty lombard
two st thomas
ultra towns
united kingsway condos
Universal City
uovo boutique residences
upper east village condos
valhalla town square
valleyview garden
Verde Condos
via bloor
via bloor 2
victory silos condos
vita on the lake
vita two
waters edge at the cove
waterworks toronto
wenderly park towns
west condos
west22 apartments
westbeach condominiums
westin prince condos
westlake encore
willowdale heights
wilmington towns
winlock towns
wonder condos
woodbridge park
woodlands altona forest
wycliffe at the promenade
wynford gardens condominiums
wynford green
xo condos
ys condos
yonge finch
yorkville private estates
YSL Residences

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